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Recycling Program

Conelias Refuse offers any recycling program you may need for your home or business.We also provide free blue bins for the pick-up of bottles & cans.The bottles and cans are picked up weekly at the curb by the Town of Greenwich. For your convenience. Conelias Refuse offers back door blue bin pickup service if it is too much to bring to the curb.

Mixed Paper is collected once per month by Conelias Refuse. It does not have to be brought to the curb. Mixed Paper must be kept in a separate container next to your trash cans. We will pickup your mixed paper at no extra charge on the same day as your regular garbage pickup.

For more information, about the blue bin curb side pickup service please call, the Town of Greenwich at 203-622-0550 or click here to visit their website.

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Magnetic Calendars of Scheduled Mixed Paper Pickup Days
are Available. Please Call the Contact Number Listed Below.

Greenwich, CT • 203 - 253 - 0710 • 203 - 531 - 6185